Tub and Shower Repairs

You know you need plumbing help when you hear drip... drip... drip... in the middle of the night. It's definitely not the time you want to call a plumber out at midnight if you want to save some money.

Plumbing stuff happens! But being prepared to tackle a problem and learning to keep your plumbing in top shape now saves money in the future.

Learn  tub and Shower valves and repairs for your home improvement and maintenance needs. These helpful videos give easy instructions for common tub and shower repairs and replacements. Keep in mind that a licensed qualified plumber is recommended for plumbing repairs. However, many do it yourselfers can learn a few skills to help lower the cost of some home plumbing repairs. Important reminder: Make sure you shut off the main water before beginning.

Shower Repair -Preparing to Remove Valve

Shower Valve Repair-Valve Removal

Replace a Shower Cartridge

Reinstall Shower Valve

Install A Shower Head

How To Repair Bathtub Faucet