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You know you need plumbing help when you hear drip... drip... drip... in the middle of the night. It's definitely not the time you want to call a plumber out at midnight if you want to save some money.

Plumbing stuff happens! But being prepared to tackle a problem and learning to keep your plumbing in top shape now saves money in the future.

Finding the right plumbing parts for your do it yourself project is so important. Keep a list of needed supplies and tools required for the job. Check to see if you have everything you need before beginning a project. 

It helps save time and money if you don't need to keep making trips to the store. If you are looking for a special fixture, such as a faucet, toilet or tools you can search our online store. 

If your project does not require immediate attention, it is best to make your list with all the supplies needed, the tools required, the time you think it will take (and then double it) and the projected budget (probably double that too.) 

Find more plumbing parts and tools here. 

Remember, the old saying, if something can go wrong, it probably will. But don't let that discourage you. Just be prepared. Always have a backup plumber's number handy, get instuctions here at and read the product information and instructions that come with your part. You can do it, go ahead and make yourself proud. 

More Resources and Supplier Links:

Plumbing Merchants 
Plumb Center is the UK's leading plumbers merchant, with a network of over 450 branches nationwide and a massive fleet of delivery vehicles. 

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Roliza Grp Ltd

~Toilet Seats

~Push Buttons

~Shower Seals and many more

Special: 20% Discount on all bathroom and Toilet Spares 

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